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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Brazil President Rousseff First Woman to Open UN General Assembly

Brazil President Rousseff First Woman to Open UN General Assembly

Photo: Brazil Pres Rousseff to Address UN for 1st Time

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UPDATE:  Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff opened the 66th session of the General Assembly being the first woman to ever do so.  Calling this ‘the century of women’ Rousseff did not mince words and let everyone know that she sought for Brazil to be a world player.  To that end she affirmed her support for Palestine’s bid for full a U.N. membership. 

Rouseff is also seeking a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council for Brazil and is seeking U.S. support for this.  Though she identified President Obama as “my friend” they have at times stood apart on various issues including the Palestine issue.  Brazil is expected to support Palestine’s bid for statehood, something Obama has vowed to veto at the U.N.

ORIGINAL STORY:  Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff has arrived in New York in preparation of her address to the United Nations General Assembly. This visit is historic on several fronts:  it’s the first time Rousseff has attended the UN General Assembly and it’s the first time a woman opens the General Debate segment of the meeting.

Prior to addressing the UN on Wednesday, Rousseff will meet with President Obama on Tuesday.  Both are expected to promote government transparency, public access to information and global prevention of noncommunicable diseases. 

Over 120 world leaders are expected in New York for the UN General Assembly where Palestine’s bid for UN membership is likely to be the highlight.  A lot of attention is also expected around the ‘Arab Spring’ and general unrest in that region.