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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 15, 2011

For Real - Brazil Leads Latin America in Moon Real Estate Ownership

For Real - Brazil Leads Latin America in Moon Real Estate Ownership

Photo: Brazilians own 4,000 acres on the moon

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More than 4,000 properties on the moon have been purchased by Brazilians, while Argentinians come in second with 2,000 properties sold, and Chile 3rd, with little over 1,000.extraterrestrial real state, property in the moon, brazilians buy land in the moon, moon land deeds

How is all this possible you ask. 

Well, a loophole in the UN’s 1967 Outer Space Treaty has made it possible for Dennis Hope to sell the moon one lunar-acre at a time. International space agreements forbid all nations to claim ownership of any star or planet, but since Hope is a person and not a nation, he is free to sell the moon through his Lunar Embassy website.

The price for a single-acre parcel is $19.99 plus $1.51 Lunar tax, and a $10 shipping and handling fee.  Aside from their own property on the moon, buyers receive: A Lunar Constitution Bill of Rights, A Lunar Deed and A Lunar Site Map (Showing the approximate location of your Property).

Lunar properties follow a strict no-argument 30-day money back guarantee policy. If users are not completely satisfied with their space in space, they may return it, and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Latin Americans turned out to be such a succulent extraterrestrial-property buyers, that properties are now being offered in Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter’s Moon.