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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 13, 2014

Brazil Inaugurates First City Totally Wired With Optical Fiber

Brazil Inaugurates First City Totally Wired With Optical Fiber

Photo: Inauguration of the wired city

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The Brazilian city of Aguas de Sao Pedro, in central Sao Paulo state, became the first municipality in the country totally wired with optical fiber as part of a “digital city” project aiming to modernize and digitize public services.

The project, which took a year to complete, was developed by Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica in collaboration with the city government of the Brazilian town and required an investment of 2 million reais (about $900.000).

The goal of the project is to create a “digital city” with its public services digitized and a top-quality Internet and telephone network.

The chief executive of Telefonica Brazil, Antonio Carlos Valente, said during the inauguration ceremony that Aguas de Sao Pedro will serve as a “trial” laboratory with the intention of “replicating” and “disseminating” the digital-city model in Brazil’s larger cities.

The municipality of 3,000 inhabitants was chosen for having the second-highest indicator of human development in all Brazil, the company said.


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