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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 18, 2010

BRAZIL: Emerging Leader In World Aid

Brazil is quietly making a name for it self on the world stage as one of the largest international aid donors - quietly, because few know about it and because Brazil isn’t bragging.  Most recently Brazil established one of the larger post-quake social programs in Haiti: bring your child to school and we will feed the family for free.  It has its humanitarian hand in just about everything and its wallet open wide on the global need-scene.

The new “diplomats of generosity” are building the majority of Angola’s water supply systems, it’s providing $3.3 billion in commercial loans to developing nations, Oh, and then there is the $100million for the United Nations Development Program.  Brazil has surpassed China and is soon to be the largest provider of help to poor nations. 

Cynics think Brazil, that has not been as quiet about its desire to gain a seat on the UN’s Security Council, is motivated by it.  Others especially those at home feel the monies would be better used to serve the poor in Brazil and there are many.  Whatever the reason the developing world is all-to-pleased since other nations removed themselves from the world stage due to the global crisis and most importantly Brazil does not impose as many conditions on their aid as Western powers tend do. 


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