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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 27, 2010

Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Nicaragua in Favor of Legalizing Medically-Need Abortions

A survey consisting of over one thousand face-to-face interviews reflects the growing debate over existing abortion laws in most of Latin America.  The majority of individuals surveyed were in favor of legalizing therapeutic abortions but would not go as far to allow elective abortions.  In most Latin American country‚Äôs abortion remains illegal without exception.

The motivation for allowing therapeutic abortions in these four countries appears to be based on womens health issues.  There is no recourse for women when their health is at risk with a pregnancy or appropriate medical care when they obtain illegal and dangerous abortions. 

A resounding majority of people in each of these countries opposed legalizing abortions completely.  81% of Nicaraguans were opposed while 65% plus of Brazilians, Chileans and Mexicans were opposed.  The issue of abortion is a consistent theme of debate in each political election in Latin America. 


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