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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 19, 2014

Brazil Assures Stadiums Will be Ready for World Cup

Brazil Assures Stadiums Will be Ready for World Cup

Photo: World Cup stadium

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The Brazilian stadiums scheduled to host 2014 World Cup matches will be ready in time for the June 12 kickoff of the tournament, the country’s sports minister said here Tuesday.

“We are quite certain the stadiums will be completed on time,” Aldo Rebelo said during a press conference in London.

FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, had set a deadline of December 2013 for completion of stadium construction and renovation, but work continues on five of the 12 World Cup venues.

Following criticism over the delays and over a Nov. 27 accident at Arena Corinthians that left two workers dead, Rebelo stressed the efforts Brazil is making to avert any further incidents.

Concerns have also been expressed about a possible disruption of the tourney by protests of the kind that Brazil has witnessed sporadically since last June, when the South American nation hosted the Confederations Cup.

“Peaceful protests are included in Brazilian law,” Rebelo said here, hastening to add that authorities will not tolerate “violence, aggression or destruction.”

The Brazilian government recently announced that 10,000 police were undergoing special training to deal with any disturbances during the 32-nation World Cup competition.

Brazil is also boosting its transportation capacities to handle the influx of 600,000 soccer fans and 20,000 journalists, the sports minister said.


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