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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 11, 2011

Brazilian Actress Adriana Ferreyr Suing Billionaire George Soros. Get The Dirty Details Here!

Brazilian Actress Adriana Ferreyr Suing Billionaire George Soros. Get The Dirty Details Here!

Photo: Adriana Ferreyr Suing Billionaire George Soros

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It’s a novela, this one; complete with lies, shattered hearts, broken promises, $2M apartments, slapping, a bed scene gone awry, glass cuts and stitches.

Adriana Ferreyr, not yet thirty years old is suing her former octogenarian sugar daddy after he whispered alot of sweet nothings in her ear in bed, and then allegedly assaulted her with a lamp.

Enter the perp, George Soros, billionaire and prominent philanthropist dedicated to supporting left-wing ideals and causes.

Soros and Ferreyr dated for a few years and broke up about a year ago. They reconciled shortly thereafter only to break up and this time for good.  The straw that broke the camel’s back for Ferreyr came when Soros after a romantic night in bed whispered into Ferreyr’s ear that he had given another woman the $1.9M upper east side apartment he had promised her.

Heartless, but it doesn’t end there. Ferreyr says that after the earth shattering whisper and before she could climb out of bed, Soros slapped her across the face and began choking her.

According to her claims, the merciless 80 year old then charged at her with a glass lamp, which missed her by a few inches but shattered upon impact on the ground, cutting her feet.

Ferreyr called the cops, but no charges were filed. Soros denies any foul play.

The actress filed a $50M suit on Wednesday, charging intense emotional distress caused by Soros on that occasion, as well as a few months later, when he told her he felt bad and to go ahead and pick another apartment in the same building.

Soros backed out a second time, causing her a second wave of emotional distress.

Ferreyr says that on top of breaking his promise twice, Soros offered her an undisclosed amount of money if she signed some kind of silence contract. She refused, and instead leased an apartment in the same building where Soros’ current girlfriend also lives.