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Latino Daily News

Monday February 27, 2012

Brazil: 30 Tourists Robbed During Hiking Trip

About 30 tourists were robbed over the weekend by six armed men while hiking in Tijuca National Park in the southern section of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian police said.

The tourists were on one of the trails Sunday leading to Pedra da Gavea, a monolith that rise more than 800 meters (2,622 feet) and offers impressive views of the city, when the robbers cut them off.

The robbers took cell phones, purses, cash and cameras from the tourists, police said.

A police officer in the tour group managed to get away and call for help, but the robbers escaped, the G1 news Web site reported.

Police searched for the armed robbers in the heavily wooded and mountainous area.

Tijuca National Park, declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, has several units that offer magnificent vistas and includes Corcovado Mountain, home to the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue.