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Friday February 24, 2012

Brave Second Grader Shot at Bronx Bodega Remembers His Manners (VIDEO)

Brave Second Grader Shot at Bronx Bodega Remembers His Manners (VIDEO)

Photo: NY Daily News Cover

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Armando Bigo, a second grader, shot in the shoulder Tuesday evening while shopping with his mother at a nearby bodega somehow remembered his manners. 

Armando and his mother, Ely Flores, were shopping for candy in Papa Yala’s Deli on Randall Ave. near Lawrence Ave. in Soundview when an unidentified gunman on a bicycle fired a shot into an outside crowd around 8 p.m. Tuesday.  The shot hit the young boy standing near a rack of potato chips inside the store. 

Amidst screams and chaos in the store, Armando kept his cool as he calmed his mother and walked towards the store manager, Mahmood Abdulrub.  Abdulrub describes the scene, “I heard screaming.  The mom cried for her son.  I see this cute little boy walking over slowly – holding his shoulder.”

According to Abdulrub, the boy sat down while the store manager tried to help stop the bleeding.  “He was so polite.  He looked up at me with his big googly eyes and said, ‘Thank you, sir.’”

As of Wednesday, Armando was still being treated at Jacobi Medical Center.  His injuries include a punctured lung, fractured rib, as well as an injured spinal cord.  The second grader will still have to undergo a variety of tests as he continues to recover and will be hospitalized for some time.

Today, NY Police Commissioner said the shooter had been IDed and an arrest was to be announced soon.  The Commissioner said the teen shooter is a known gang member that was feuding with a rival gang with Armando was shot.

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