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Latino Daily News

Friday July 30, 2010

Boy Scouts of America Celebrate 100 years with New Campaign to Bring in Latino’s

This week the BSA National Jamboree in Virginia will celebrate Scouts 100th anniversary. Boys ages 12-18 will spend 10 days doing everything from archery to robotics to testing their own DNA. More than 26,000 scouts and 250,000 visitors are expected. Boy Scouts have hosted the annual meeting since 1937.

The Scouts begin their new century with a campaign to draw in Latino’s.

The Scouts have their work cut out for them as they recruit the Hispanic youth. “[Hispanics] don’t know what we’re about,” says Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca. They are unfamiliar with Scouting, he says, because many “didn’t have grandfathers, fathers, or uncles grow up in Scouting.”  To that end, handbooks, advertisements and bumper stickers are now all available in Spanish with a new slogan “Valores para toda la vida”.

Some immigrants incorrectly think that scouting is expensive or that it is associated with US law enforcement . Latino family values are exactly what the scouts offer. With the aid of good role models, they camp, they hike, and they belong always with a sense of honor to God and Country.

The journey begins with Tiger Scouts in first grade but children of all ages are always welcome.


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