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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 5, 2011

Botched Suitcase Houdini Act for Mexican Prisoner!

Botched Suitcase Houdini Act for Mexican Prisoner!

Photo: Juan Ramírez, trying to escape.

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Juan Ramírez was caught as he tried to escape a Mexican jail inside his conjugal visitor’s suitcase.

The couple’s plan to abandon the prison inside a suitcase was very close to succeeding; at the very door, the 19-year old accomplice, Maria Del Mar Arjona, couldn’t hide her nervousness, and failed to convince the guards that all there was inside the suitcase, was dirty laundry.

Officers found Ramírez curled inside the suitcase, and promptly returned him to his cell. Arjona was arrested and faces charges for assisting the botched escape.

Ramírez has been in jail since 2007, doing a 20-year sentence for possession of illegal firearms.