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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 27, 2011

Border Tragedies:  Report of Migrant Woman Assaulted & Two Border Crossers Found Dead

The Arizona Sheriff’s office and U.S. Border patrol are investigating the assault of a El Salvadoran female migrant and the remains of two suspected border crossers.

Earlier in the week a hiker in the Santa Cruz county of Arizona reported finding skeletal remains.  Upon investigation officers reported finding skeletal remains of two undocumented border crossers.  The two deceased individuals remain unidentified and once details are confirmed they are expected to be the fifth and sixth migrant deaths in Santa Cruz county in 2011.

Authorities are also investigating the alleged sexual attack of a 38 year-old illegal alien, Haydee Alvardo-Rodriguez, of El Salvador.

She was found laying on the road in the Tres Bellotas Ranch area, near the Arizona-Mexico border.  She was allegedly sexually assaulted and hit with a heavy rock by the guide who took her across the border illegally. 

All incidents are under investigation by U.S. Border patrol.