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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 9, 2010

NARCO BLOG: “El Ponchis” Mother Arrested and Due to Be Deported from San Diego (VIDEO)

Border Patrol agents in San Diego arrested Yolanda Lugo Jiménez, the mother of the man-child hit man Edgar “El Ponchis” Jimenez Lugo and charged her in federal court with illegal re-entry after being previously deported, according to court documents.

The documents note that Yolanda Lugo Jimenez was arrested along with her husband, Gabriel Aguirre Manuel on Monday night at their home in the Logan Heights neighborhood in San Diego after admitting to the officers that they are Mexican citizens and hold no documents to be in the United States legally.

Edgar Jiménez Lugo and his two sisters were arrested last Thursday in the Mariano Matamorros airport, south of Morelos, when they planned to board a plane to Tijuana, and from there move on to San Diego, to visit their mother,  her husband and their two step sisters.

Logo’s two sisters are being held in a Mexico City detention facility for 30 days while the investigation continues into their ties to organized crime. “Ponchis”, who has admitted publicly to participating in four beheadings, is being held in an undisclosed location for his protection for 60 days while Mexican authorities decide how to proceed.

Lugo Jimenez sold make-up products door to door in her neighborhood, and would often invite neighbors to church, or talk to them about God.

See the official police report on Ponchis’ mom’s arrest here.

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