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Latino Daily News

Friday April 27, 2012

Booty Scare: Singer Alejandra Guzman Buttock Surgery Lands Her in the Hospital

Booty Scare: Singer Alejandra Guzman Buttock Surgery Lands Her in the Hospital

Photo: Alejandra Guzman just released from hospital.

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Mexican singer, Alejandra Guzman underwent a second surgery and 30 days in the hospital after suffering the consequences of an buttock surgery gone wrong.

She even commented to reporters, “I’ve changed the way I look at the world; I have learned how to value it and keep my health as my priority. Thirty days in the hospital isn’t easy and I thank God that today I see the light, the hope, and that I have the will to live.”

The medics, however, ordered Guzman to rest and stay bedridden until 90 days had passed.

In the last week of March, Alejandra Guzman was placed in the hospital after she arrived from a show in Villahermosa, Tabasco. As she was getting ready to perform at the Feria de Caballo de Texcoco she immediately began to feel ill and decided that the show could not go on.

Doctors determined the cause as relapse due to her operation on her buttocks back in 2009 with plastic surgeon Valentina de Albornoz. Earlier this year she was operated for the second time in an effort to drain all of the substances in her body.

Her doctor, Raul Lopez Infante further explained that the substance had harmed her body superficially, and was easily treated periodically. However, she had stopped coming to treatments for a period of time and the consequence lead to her hospitalization. The substance (polymethylmethacrylate) grew by 200%.

Guzman believes her ordeal will connect her to woman and fans that had experienced a similar situation, and that it warns other of the dangers of the surgery. According to reports she stated, “Those who have suffered similar situations know what I am talking about… I fought it and won, but I am still feeling delicate.”

The singer can’t wait to again start with her normal daily activities and with of course singing for her many fans.