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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 1, 2010

Bombing in Cancun Kills 8

Eight Mexicans died in an attack at a bar in Cancun Mexico. The attack occurred at a bar known as Castillo del Mar, about 3 miles from the city’s main tourism zone.
It has been reported that the owner of the bar refused to pay the Los Zetas drug cartel $40,000 in “protection money” several weeks back.

This is the third major crisis to rock Cancun this year. In May the Mayor of Cancun; Gregorio Sanchez was arrested by federal police for alleged money laundering and ties to the drug cartels.

Last May in the U.S., former Governor of the Quintana Roo state, which includes Cancun Mario Ernesto Villanueva Madrid, was charged with conspiring to send cocaine and laundering almost $19 million through accounts with Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. He pled not guilty in federal court in New York.

Cancun is scheduled to host the next major United Nations Meeting in November to include talks on carbon emissions and global warming.