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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 4, 2012

Bolivia’s Evo Morales Released from Hospital, Resumes Presidential Duties

Bolivia’s Evo Morales Released from Hospital, Resumes Presidential Duties

Photo: Evo Morales Leaves Hospital after Emergency Stay

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Bolivian President Evo Morales on the weekend left the hospital in the central city of Cochabamba where he had been admitted suddenly 24 hours earlier, and specialists attending him said that he is in “very good health,” the government-run media reported Sunday.

Morales’ hospitalization - which ended on Saturday evening - had not been announced and he had to cancel at the last minute three speeches he was going to give on Saturday morning in the Andean city of El Alto to inaugurate various public works projects.

Morales’s duties were temporarily taken over by Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, who said that the leader’s hospitalization on Friday was for routine reasons.

“His state of health is stable, without any changes. He’s in very good health,” Dr. Mauricio Garcia, the vice president’s brother, told the state-run ABI news agency.

The medical diagnosis says that the 52-year-old Morales may “return to his routine,” including his workdays lasting up to 15 hours and his frequent sports activities after spending 24 hours in the private Los Olivos hospital, where in 2011 he underwent an operation on his left knee.

Government sources said that Morales was examined by four specialists who performed blood pressure tests, electrocardiograms and lab analysis, after which they recommended only that he “watch his eating” and take his meals more regularly.

“This is a very normal question. He is enjoying very good health, joking like always. Yes, he’s in very good shape,” said the vice president’s brother, adding that Morales continues to play soccer without experiencing any problems with his knee.