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Latino Daily News

Monday June 20, 2011

Bolivian Coca Growers Upset With Comedy Film (VIDEO)

Bolivian Coca Growers Upset With Comedy Film (VIDEO)

Photo: The film “Los Gringos No Comen Llajua” doesn't sit well with coca growers.

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The film titled “Los Gringos No Comen Llajua” (Gringos Don’t Aat Spicy Sauce) has been banned in the Chulumani region of Bolivia after local coca growers say they have been portrayed at criminals.

Director Adán Sarabia has said his production is 100% fictional and is not intended to be political, while denouncing threats and intimidating phones calls made to actors and crew members.

A somewhat puzzled Sarabia explained that disgruntled coca producers from the Bolivian Chulumani area have no real reason to be upset since the movie is a comedy, does not mention the name of the town, and does not show the locals or their coca parcels.

“I was surprised that one of the leaders of the coca growers wanted to know who gave us permission to film a cocaine lab,” said Sarabia before explaining the ‘cocaleros’ or coca producers don’t seem to understand what a film set is, and are under the impression “that what [they’ve] seen in the movie is true but, in reality, that cocaine lab was our artistic recreation.”

In the film, a German traveler is kidnapped by drug traffickers who are under the impression that the foreigner is worth a lot of money.

Sarabia said he has no plans to give in to threats, and is actually pleased about the hullabaloo, as it has given the movie good publicity.