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Latino Daily News

Friday September 17, 2010

Bolivia to Spend on Its Biodiversity and Sustainable Farming Methods

Bolivia is launching a program and investing $14 million to promote traditional sustainable local soil and water conservation practices that will protect the environment and benefit local communities.

Bolivia is among the 15 countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Although much of Bolivia’s territory is in good conservation condition, 36 percent of its area is in critical condition.

The project area, around the mountain range in northern Potosí, is especially vulnerable to processes of erosion. Northern Potosí and southeastern Oruro are home to 270 indigenous communities with 38,000 inhabitants.  Almost all of these inhabitants live below the extreme poverty threshold.

The program aims at achieving an average annual increase of at least 10% in productivity, and at least 15 percent in production of native and introduced species, in accordance with the traditional agricultural calendar. It will further increase the volume of products traded at fairs or in markets by 20 percent.


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