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Latino Daily News

Friday November 12, 2010

Bolivia Propping Up its Tourism Sector

Bolivia will expand community-based tourism with $20 million in financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that will support improvements of tourist attractions, training of microenterprises in poor rural areas and actions to improve social and environmental management of tourism destinations.

The project will give Bolivia’s tourism sector a boost by promoting the country’s living cultures and improving infrastructure at tourism sites as well as the quality of services provided for tourists. The project will increase by 50 percent the number of tourism operators in specific markets that offer Bolivia in their regular packages. In addition, the project will more than triple the number of community members employed in tourism in five touristic areas to 2,500 from 800.

In addition, the Bank will support the marketing of Bolivia as an international tourism destination and finance measures that will improve tourism management at the national, municipal, and community levels. The Bank will help develop regulations and standards with a community approach; design and implement a national registry and system to control the quality of supply and demand; and develop a national tourism information system.