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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 15, 2014

Bolivia Increases Natgas Exports to Argentina

Bolivia began increasing its natural gas shipments to Argentina this month ahead of the Southern Hemisphere winter and has the capacity to meet potential demand of 19 million cubic meters (670 million cubic feet) per day, state-owned energy firm YPFB said.

Bolivia had been exporting an average of 15.5 million cmd of natural gas to Argentina through the end of last month, while that volume now stands at 17 million cmd.

YPFB CEO Carlos Villegas told reporters that, depending on demand, Argentina may increase its import orders for Bolivian gas to a maximum of 19 million cmd during the winter months.

Bolivia also is exporting 30.5 million cmd to the Brazilian industrial hub of Sao Paulo - that market’s peak level of demand - and 2 million cmd to a thermoelectric plant in the western Brazilian state of Cuiaba.

Argentina currently is paying Bolivia $10.16 per million British thermal units, while Brazil is paying $9.30 per million BTUs.

Total Bolivian natural gas production amounts to some 60 million cmd, about 10 million cmd of which is allocated for domestic consumption.


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