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Latino Daily News

Monday December 13, 2010

Is the Next ‘WikiLeaks’ Website Going to Come out of Latin America? (VIDEO)

Vice president of Bolivia, Alvaro García Linera has made available through his website every cable leaked by Wiki Leaks that pertains to the Andean nation. Linera justified this ‘mirror’ site saying he wants people to know “the barbarities and insults of Washington’s interventionist infiltration.”  It is not known if the Bolivian site will be the direct recipient of WikiLeaks leaks or government leaks they procure from other sources. 

A ‘mirror’ site is a site that duplicates and publishes fully or partially information available in another site; several sympathetic ‘mirror’ sites have been turning up since WikiLeaks.org was shut down.

García is not the first Latin American politician to show sympathy towards WikiLeaks. Ecuadorian officials have praised the cause of the whistle-blowing organization. Several Latin American cities ahve hosted rallies and peaceful demonstrations to protest the incarceration of Julian Assange, and the closing of WikiLeaks.org.

TRANSLATION: The empire, in the name of diplomacy, is committing third-class espionage—lamentable for a serious country, and lamentable and decadent for an empire.  The reason [for making the WikiLeaks cables available] is to show the public the quality of an empire which—there’s no doubt about it—is entering into a gradual, but increasingly rapid, political decline.