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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 22, 2010

Bogus Barbie Apprehended at Border- No Word on Ken

Two truckloads of Bogus Barbie Dolls have been confiscated at the El Paso Border. The US Customs officials have contacted Mattel and indeed the dolls are counterfeit.

“The importers paid more than $30,000 for these items. However, the domestic value of this shipment could easily be eight to 10 times that total,” said Ana Hinojosa, local director of field operations for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The shipment included Barbie dolls, Barbie family pets, and Barbie Mermaids. There were also counterfeit Barbie furniture and accessories.

In fiscal year 2009, 14,841 seizures of counterfeit and pirated goods with a total domestic value of $260.7 million were intercepted at U.S. ports of entry. The total domestic value of counterfeit products seized presenting potential safety or security risks seized was $32 million. Pharmaceuticals were the top product in this category

China continues to be the number one source country for counterfeit and pirated goods seized in fiscal year 2009, accounting for 79 percent or $204.7 million of the total seizure value.