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Latino Daily News

Friday October 7, 2011

Bogotá Cleaning Lady Goes Into Coma At Work, No One Notices for a Week, Miraculously Revived

An office manager found the lifeless body of a cleaning lady missing for a week and paramedics realizing she still had a pulse revived her.

Yesterday morning, an office manager called the non-emergency line in Bogotá, Colombia, to ask how to get a death certificate issued for one of his employees—a cleaning maid who had failed to go to work since last Saturday.

The man explained that he thought his 75-year-old employee had quit, but when he phoned her home and her family couldn’t tell him where she was either, he just assumed she had passed, and wanted to get the company’s legal documents in order.

Minutes later, the same office manager opened an unused office, and found the unconscious woman inside.

The man immediately called the emergency line and told them his cleaning lady had died on site. Paramedics who arrived at the scene determined the woman had suffered a stroke five days earlier, and realized miraculously she still had a pulse.

The woman was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was stabilized, and remains in recovery.