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Thursday August 25, 2011

Body of “Colombiana” and “Treme” Actor, Michael Showers, Found Floating in Mississippi River

Body of “Colombiana” and “Treme” Actor, Michael Showers, Found Floating in Mississippi River

Photo: Body of actor, Michael Showers, found floating in Mississippi River

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The body of actor Michael H. Shower was found floating in the Mississippi River Wednesday morning in New Orleans.

It is unclear whether foul play was involved, but the actor’s girlfriend said he suffered from depression and anxiety, and was just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in March.

The girlfriend reported Showers, 44, missing Tuesday after he said he was going to the French Quarter with a friend Monday night and never returned. His body is believed to have been in the water for about two days. An autopsy was scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m.

Police are still looking for his missing car, a 2002 Infiniti G-20.

The actor was currently on the HBO series “Treme” which was shot in the New Orleans area. His other credits include, “The Vampire Diaries,” I Love You Phillip Morris,” “Traffic, and show “The Wire.” “Colombiana” is scheduled to open Friday, August 26. It stars Zoe Saldana, Michael Vartan, Callum Blue, and Showers, who plays a police officer. He also had a role in the wildly successful show “Breaking Bad.”

His “Treme” costar Wendell Pierce took to Twitter Wednesday night saying, “Rest In Peace to my costar Michael Showers. ‘Capt Guidry’ on TREME. He will be a lasting part of our New Orleans story and television history.”