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Latino Daily News

Friday March 4, 2011

BLOG NARCO: One of CNN’s “Most Intriguing People of 2010” Leaves Mexico in Fear

BLOG NARCO: One of CNN’s “Most Intriguing People of 2010” Leaves Mexico in Fear

Photo: Marisol Garcia Valles

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Last November 2010, the case of Marisol García Valles gained a lot of attention around the world. Marisol garnered a top stop on the CNN Most Intriguing list because many American’s couldn’t figure out why a twenty year old criminology student, wife and mother would sign up for one of the most dangerous jobs in Mexico – police chief.  Garcia became the police chief of Praxedia-Guerrero, taking the job after no one wanted it in the town of 9,100.

Others called her the ” the bravest woman in Mexico, “when Marisol said in interviews that she had the support of her family, and was not going to leave office by any such threats, she was not afraid.

Paraxedis is located in the Valle de Juárez, and has been hit by a wave of violence. Many families have chosen to leave their homes for the safety of themselves and family.

Recently, Marisol Garcia Valles has received death threats from members of an organized criminal group, threatening that her family was also in danger.

This has caused the officer to leave her post last March 1, without submitting a resignation letter, or any notice of her reasons for her leaving. Sources say Maria is located in Texas and now asking for political asylum in the United States.

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