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Latino Daily News

Friday January 17, 2014

Blog del Narco: US “Extremely Concerned About Michoacan & Ready to Intervene”

Blog del Narco: US “Extremely Concerned About Michoacan & Ready to Intervene”

Photo: Violence in Michoacan

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“What is happening is extremely worrysome, “said a senior official of the U.S. State Department to a small group of media, including DPA and Reuters. “We’re talking about communities that are already under pressure by drug cartels and now find themselves in the middle of a battle between those who claim that protect communities and those who use them in their own interest, “he said.

The official said the U.S. is “ready to provide assistance” if required by Mexico but pointed out that Washington does not usually act as on the front line, but their support is rather “institutional” and stressed particularly that by the time the Peña Nieto government has not requested any help. “Mexican government knows that we are always willing to provide assistance,” he said. “Mexico has demonstrated in other circumstances it is able to deal with these crises when they occur, but if you want technical help or have a conversation, certainly we would be happy to have that conversation.” “But so far we have had no requests and I do not think they would do so, “he added.

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