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Monday November 25, 2013

Blog del Narco: US Born Child Assassin El Ponchis to Be Released in MX Dec 3

Blog del Narco: US Born Child Assassin El Ponchis to Be Released in MX Dec 3

Photo: El Ponchis Released

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Edgar Jiminez Lugo “El Ponchis” was arrested in December 2010 at the age of 14 in Cuernavaca International Airport while trying to leave Morelos with two sisters nicknamed “The chabelas.” The child admitted he was part of the South Pacific Cartel, also known as the Gulf Cartel, and had tortured and killed four people. 

Eventually El Ponchis was convicted and sentenced to three years in a Mexican prison. 

The admitted child assassin will leave that prison on December 3.  Lugo was formally charged for beheading four boys in 2010 while working for the cartel.

“We have days to see if he can be deported to the United States so that he can be placed in an institution there,” said Graco Ramirez, governor of Morelos where Lugo is being held, the Union-Tribune reported. “He is an American citizen,”  Ramirez added.  U.S. consular officials have visited Lugo, but have declined to comment on the situation, the outlet reported. Lugo was born in San Diego to Mexican nationals that were in the country illegally. His mother and family were deported shortly after his arrest. 

“We have done everything that we can with him his detainment must conclude on December 3,” say Mexican legal authorities in Mexico.

Authorities say that during the past three years they have endeavored to give the child psychological therapy through a private psychologist. They also acknowledged that the therapy requires more time. Lugo has at his disposal two therapists, one engaged by the Court for group therapy and one for individual therapy. Records show ‘El Ponchis’ was reluctant to participate in group therapy.

The future of the child from December 3 onward will depend on the family and the child’s guardian, who will take charge of the young man after his sentence concludes. Mexican Courts have no mandate or authority to decide what will happen to him, so after internment they have nothing to hold him for. 

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