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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 20, 2014

Blog del Narco: Synthetic Drug Lab Raided in Mexico State

Blog del Narco: Synthetic Drug Lab Raided in Mexico State

Photo: Lab Seized in Mexico State

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Elements of the Federal Police located and seized two properties that were functioning as clandestine laboratories for the development of synthetic drugs in Mexico State. Operating in the town of Xalostoc, federal agents located the two properties in the National Effort colony. Authorities had detained 19 people allegedly linked to the development of the drugs, the National Safety Commission reported in a statement.

Authorities seized 19 containers of synthetic drugs primarily crystal, weighing 19 kg, 20 containers of a methamphetamine synthetic drug, weighing 20 kg, a metal pot with a chemical weighing 84 kg, 130 capsules with white powder apparently cocaine. Two drums, a cooler, a long gun, a six-shooter, and three vehicles were also seized. The suspects match the names of David “N”, 44, alleged leader of the criminal group who financed the clandestine laboratories, Oscar Ramón “N”, 41, an alleged member of the drug cartel and Camerino “N”, 45, an alleged member of the group criminal, responsible for providing materials to the chemical laboratories; Antonio “N”, 42, allegedly was responsible for keeping the records of income and expenses of the criminal group.

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