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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 4, 2013

Blog del Narco Publishes Their Story in “Dying for the Truth”

Blog del Narco Publishes Their Story in “Dying for the Truth”

Photo: Blog del Narco New Book

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On March 2, 2010 Blog del Narco decide to begin reporting what was really happening in their beloved Mexico. The drug war was raging in the country causing terrible instability. The authorities and traditional media wanted to believe that nothing was happening while things were in crisis.

The general public was being affected by the battle that was happening in their streets, often in broad daylight. This has been a painful and distressing time when many innocent people were affected. Yet the violence grew, seeming to be unstoppable.

Blog del Narco has been a window to let people know the violent events that occur daily in Mexico.

Blog del Narco‚Äôs new book, “To die for the truth” published by Feral House, is a testament to what we have suffered for years in Mexico, days of the drug war. We decided to write it because we do not know what will happen tomorrow, but we know that there is now a book; there are letters that tell the cruel and sad truth that our country has lived for years.

We hope you have a chance to delve into the stories that have been reflected in “Dying for the truth.”

“To die for the truth” (version in English and Spanish) is available; clicking the following link can purchase it:

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