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Latino Daily News

Friday March 28, 2014

Blog del Narco: Police Kill 10 Members of the Los Zetas Drug Cartel in Veracruz

Blog del Narco: Police  Kill 10 Members of the  Los Zetas Drug Cartel in Veracruz

Photo: Los Zetas Drug Cartel

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Ten alleged members of the drug cartel “Los Zetas” who engaged in kidnapping in central Veracruz area, were killed Thursday afternoon in an armed confrontation with members of the State Police Creditable and the Mexican Army.

The facts occurred in the colony Diaz Miron, in the town of Perote, seated 40 kilometers from Xalapa, capital of Veracruz, where the police gave follow up one of the most dangerous gangs of kidnappers in the area, in a statement Secretary of State Public Security.

Sources mentioned that when police elements circulating in the German boulevard Miguel, in the place known as El Sabinal , police detected suspicious behavior in a vehicle with armed people, and began a chase.

The suspects arrived at a home located in Colonia Diaz Miron, where there were more armed people who joined in the fight against the Mexican Army and the State Police, who were in the task of repelling armed aggression .

It indicates that the confrontation lasted several minutes, sparking alarm and terror among the people who inhabited the houses nearby, some who were affected by bullet shots .

As a result of the confrontation ten suspects, nine men and one woman, were killed and a member Police received a bullet wound that was not life threatening.

On site, authorities secured 10 rifles, tactical equipment, cartridges, ammunition, shirts with fake logos of the Federal Police and hat shields for the Ministerial Police.

The communiqué mentions that the deceased people belong to Los Zetas . “Preliminary information suggests that they belong to one of the most dangerous organized crime cells in the central area of the state, allegedly of ‘Los Zetas’, dedicated to killing and kidnapping,” they said.


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