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Monday March 24, 2014

Blog del Narco: New Most Wanted Drug Cartel Leaders Family Lives Quietly in Mountains

Blog del Narco: New Most Wanted Drug Cartel Leaders Family Lives Quietly in Mountains

Photo: Knights Templar Leader La Tuta

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Nestled in the mountains, Arteaga is large town covering nearly 6% of the statewide of ​​Michoacán, with nearly 6 percent statewide. But a place according to some of its inhabitants that is demonized by the violence that comes with being a cartels leaders hometown. Many though are not in agreement.

It became famous for being the place where La Tuta, leader was born, grew up, studied and attended classes before becoming leader of La Familia Michoacana and after that the Knights Templar.

After the fall of Nazario Moreno, La Tuta is the most wanted man by the Army, Navy and Federal Police. Practically every day there are police operations to find the whereabouts of the cartel leader in Arteaga, adjacent to Lazaro Cardenas and Tumbiscatío, which are also hubs of the group .

The Regional Center of Education in Arteaga (CREN) Education, founded in 1997, was the leaders school between 1981 and 1985.

La Tutas two children also attend the school. One of them, according to director Rafael Guerrero, studying the third year. Another daughter, Sayonara, graduated long ago.

“That young man moves normally. Sayonara is finished and gone, but the boy is still here in third year. We do not get into their private lives. “

In this mountainous area people do not know of shootings, kidnappings or confrontations. Instead, some residents have received help from La Tuta.

“We are not aware directly but we know what we hear and yes he has given support to some people here,” he says.
“In Artega we live peacefully. The teachers are not worried about violence and everyone lives together nicely.”
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