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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 2, 2014

Blog del Narco: Mexican Cartel Takes Blow with $300 Million of Cocaine Seized in Peru

Blog del Narco: Mexican Cartel Takes Blow with $300 Million of Cocaine Seized in Peru

Photo: Cocaine Seized in Peru

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Seized Cocaine was displayed in dozens of blocks of 25 kilos each in a hangar at the police airport in Lima. The drugs arrived in the morning on a cargo plane from Trujillo, 560 kms north of the Peruvian capital.

The seizure is the largest seizure ever recorded in Peru, a country considered by the UN, along with Colombia, one of the largest producers of this alkaloid with about 320 tones of cocaine annually.

A huge banner read “7.6 tons of drugs, a historical forfeiture” read rose on a proscenium from which the Interior Minister Daniel Urresti, along with senior police chiefs, highlighted achievements against drug trafficking.

“This is another example of what the police are doing in the fight against organized crime,” the minister said without providing details of the operation against the alleged Mexican drug cartel owner.

“In Peru, the business is the sale of base cocaine which is very cheap,” said the minister in Peru after denying the drug business is the sale of cocaine through posters.

Minutes before dozens of police officers dressed in white jacket, dark pants and a mask made a long line to go up and down the plane carrying police blocks cocaine in an operation that lasted more than 15 minutes.
Police trucks under heavy armed guard then moved the drug from the airport, northwest of Lima, to a drug base east of the city where the cocaine will be incinerated.

Police authorities have reiterated since last week that cocaine, high purity, reach a value in the international market of over $ 300 million and that belong to a Mexican cartel, but declined to provide the name.

The shipment was destined for Spain and Belgium, according to early reports. In step two Mexicans captured seven Peruvians.

In Peru mafias operating in Mexico send drugs to their country then to be used in the United States.

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