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Monday November 11, 2013

Blog del Narco- Meet El Chapo’s Four Wives

Blog del Narco- Meet El Chapo’s  Four Wives

Photo: El Chapo and Wife Number 1

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When unable to conquer women the easy way, Sinaloa kingpin El Chapo is said to do it the hard way.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is known to only have four wives, but his life is full of adventures with many women. Those familiar with this aspect of his personality agree that he can not live without them.

“He has this need to be romancing women,” says Alejandro Almazan, an award-winning journalist who investigated Mexican drug trafficker life for the central character in his novel “The Most Searched.”

His way to win them is almost always turbulent, according to another source.  He is described as the kind of man who enjoys being rejected by a woman initially only to willingly plunge into a state of melodramatic despair. For Guzman, this courtship is usually combined with large quantities of liquor and visits to the ranch before embarking on a new attempt in which he always wins because he gets her the easy or the hard way.

“For me, I have studied his biography, Guzman as a man is a scoundrel and a coward,” the author told Univision’s Anabel Hernandez. He is the author of the most widely read biography “Guzman, The Lords of Narco.”

Hernandez recalls that when El Chapo was a prisoner in the prison in Puente Grande, he tried to seduce a prisoner from a guerrilla group, but she refused.

“First came the good, which was to conquer the girl, to court her. The girl said “no, I want nothing,” and then she is gang-raped in a terrible way by Chapo Guzman and his cellmates,” says Hernandez.

A person who witnessed his relationship with Estela Pena, a bank employee in Tepic, Nayarit, provides details of one of the obsessive romances Guzman has had.

When El Chapo was about 30 years old, he loved a woman in a village bank but she ignored him. Guzman appeared in the bank to ask her out and she refused. This was repeated several times until he hired a plane that launched hundreds of flowers to be dropped over the house of his beloved.

Despite the bombing with flower petals, Estela did not budge. Desperate, Guzman captured her in the restaurant called Roberto’s International where he had arranged a romantic dinner with the complicity of some friends. In a newly purchased car he took her by force to a luxury hotel in Puerto Vallarta “who was in on it,” the source said. The hotel admits it was not the right thing to do. Within three months they were married.

Guzman is economically responsible for the families he formed with Peña and his first wife, Alejandrina Maria, his third, Griselda Guadalupe Lopez and last, Ema Coronel Aispuro, who had the twins Maria Joaquina and Emily Guadalupe.

Guzman, now 56, was about to be caught by Mexican authorities who were waiting for him when he went to keep an appointment with a prostitute in the House of Los Cabos, Baja California, in March 2012. The version by the authorities is that the drug dealer canceled the meeting because the woman was menstruating.

When El Chapo has a craving- he sends his pilots to pick up prostitutes in nearby cities. He entertains with parties, and with bands on his ranches or camps in the Western Sierra. In his generosity with the woman he pursues he has given them diamonds, cars and cash.

In prison in Puente Grande, Zulema Hernández Guzmán was a prisoner in the women’s annex. She became pregnant by El Chapo, but then she had a miscarriage.
Zulema was allegedly murdered by enemies of Guzman.

Her mother, Salome, described the relationship with El Chapo, “My daughter said that El Chapo Guzman was very cute, and she was in love with him.”

The journalist Anabel Hernandez has another perspective when asked by about Guzman’s love affairs.  “When you see his method of seduction comes with a machine gun along with the money, it is very difficult to say, as a woman, if there is truly any choice. ImageGriselda Lopez Perez, 46, was the second woman in marriage to “Shorty” Chapo. Lopez Perez was arrested in May 2010, by Mexican authorities in Culiacan, Sinaloa, during a search of property owned by her husband, hours later she was released. Today she is designated on the U.S. list of most wanted drug traffickers.
ImageEstela Pena was a bank employee in Nayarit when she was conquered at all costs by the Mexican drug lord when she was about 30 years. At first the woman refused “Chapo,” but finally chose to marry him after being abducted. It is believed that she currently receives financial support for the family they have together.
And the last known wife of “Chapo” Guzman is a woman named Emma Coronel Aispuro, who bore him twins, Maria Joaquina and Emaly Guadalupe.
ImageZulema Hernandez, a prisoner at the women’s annex in Puente Grande prison in Jalisco Guzman was another of the narco traffickers conquest. She became pregnant by him, as told by the girl’s mother. Then she had a miscarriage. Zulema was allegedly murdered by enemies of Guzman.

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