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Wednesday May 28, 2014

Blog del Narco: “La Nacha” First Head of Juarez Drug Cartel in Early 30’s

Blog del Narco: “La Nacha” First Head of Juarez Drug Cartel in Early 30’s

Photo: "La Nacha"

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When her husband died in a clash with police in a cantina, Ignacia Jasso took over the family business: drug trafficking in Ciudad Juarez.

In the early 30’s, Ignacia Jasso, popularly known as ‘La Nacha’ ran the criminal empire and its influence remained until the second half of last century.

‘La Nacha’ and her husband Pablo Gonz├ílez, alias El pablote ‘began to take control of trafficking marijuana and morphine on the border of El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, in the twenties.

Jasso and her husband gained control of the area by removing their opponents: a group of Easterners who came to our country, fleeing the United States after an earthquake that shook San Francisco in 1906.

The Gonz├ílez-Jasso family, controlled the sale of marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Apparently, the head of the organization was La Nacha who ran his organization with discretion and generosity. Reportedly he did not use “large doses of violence” to control his empire.

‘The pablote’ died in 1930 in a bar fight; his funeral was luxurious but discreet.

Ignacia Jasso continued with the business of drug trafficking, for which she had the protection of higher-ups.
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