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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 8, 2014

Blog del Narco: La Familia Drug Cartel Forces Nurses to Aid Injured

Officials from the Mexican Navy Department were involved in a shootout with this La Familia Drug cartel members in La Goleta, Amatepec Township, State of Mexico.

According to reports, after the exchange of gunfire, the assailants fled to Alahuixtlan municipality of Teloloapan, located on the border of northern Guerrero and south of the State of Mexico.

The cartel members, who were traveling in at least 15 trucks, then took control of the town. They fitted out the church as a camp and forced the local nurses at the clinic to give the injured gunman medical attention.

The group was led by Osvaldo Olascoaga Hurtado, brother Jonhy Olascoaga, The Mojarro, and deputy leader of La Familia Michoacana, Jose Maria Chavez MagaƱa.
So far, federal authorities have not issued information about the incident.

Despite the deployment of troops from the Army and Navy, the violence in northern and southern Guerrero state of Mexico continues and, in addition, there remains a brutal dispute for this important corridor between drug cartels.

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