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Wednesday December 11, 2013

Blog del Narco: Krokodil ( Synthetic Heroin) Expands in Mexico

Blog del Narco: Krokodil ( Synthetic Heroin) Expands in Mexico

Photo: Krokodil in Mexico

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The drug krokodil is a drug that has become popular everywhere because of the “heroin like” effects it has on the user. It is considered an epidemic in Russia and has been reported in England and US. offficial’s reports have confirmed the presence of the drug in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. 

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) in Juarez has researched criminal behavior and notes that krokodil use has grown. Security Secretary Cesar Omar Muñoz Morales, described this as a social problem that requires a joint effort between society and the authorities.

In El Paso, Texas, police arrested several subjects with several doses of krokodil a few months ago. Krokodil is a kind of cheap heroin made from chemicals easy to obtain, the effects are so devastating users of this drugs have a life expectancy of only two years. Yet despite the dangers of the drug, Mexican federal authorities have not issued any warning and have not officially confirmed the presence of the drug in the country.  Krokodil is a derivative of morphine and desomorphine that is known to have sedative affects. The affects of this substance destroys the tissues, causing phlebitis (inflammation of the vein walls) and gangrene, leading to loss of limbs. Desomorphine was invented in 1932 in the United States and is an opiate, also known as dihidrodesoximorfina.  Its effects are 10 times those of morphine. This is considered as an alternative to heroin because its compounds are widely available. Also its preparation is simple and one dose is five times cheaper than heroin. 

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