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Monday December 23, 2013

Blog del Narco: Honduran Deputy Defense Minister Believes El Chapo Hiding Out There

Blog del Narco: Honduran Deputy Defense Minister Believes El Chapo Hiding Out There

Photo: El Chapo

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Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias “El Chapo,” may be in Honduras, says the Honduran Deputy Defense Minister Carlos Roberto Funes, who warns that, being that the most vulnerable nation in Central America, organized crime and penetrated its institutions. In this week’s edition, Process notes also the geographical position of Honduras is conducive to drug trafficking, “halfway between Colombia and Mexico, with departures from the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean border with three countries: Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. “

For South American suppliers and Mexican cartels, Honduras is the ideal local. During an interview with Proceso, Funes says “the structures of these organizations are similar in all countries. “

What varies is the size or power. Hondurans are directly related to the cartels in Guatemala because they are part of the business of transporting drugs north.  I asked whether “El Chapo” Guzman “is here,” the deputy minister replied: “Yes. It certainly could be. ”  Officials and residents there say they have seen “El Chapo” with members of the Valle family in The Spirit Village of 3000 inhabitants. There are luxurious mansions whose entries are studied with surveillance cameras. “Yes he has been or is here. He has links with these people,” says a government official of the provincial capital. “In Copán there are two nuclei, and Valle Cartel Paradise, and many branches, which are generate violence,” he adds.

Meanwhile, a specialized drug journalist reports that “Over seeing of the sector by Chapo is nothing new. Has used the place as a refuge many times. He is known to come and go and not linger in any one location for fear of being arrested. Spirit and Paradise are the two likely places because there are blind spots where people and drug pass and nobody says anything. ”
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