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Friday August 9, 2013

Blog del Narco: “Grab Your Children, They have Come for Us” Heard in Guerrero

Blog del Narco: “Grab Your Children, They have Come for Us” Heard in Guerrero

Photo: Guerrero

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When the women of the community screamed, “Grab your children, they have come for us!” fear forced, along with a dozen families, to take the road to Huautla and leave everything-animals, cornfields. This group is part of the displaced that fled last week to the mountainous area of Guerrero.

Gunmen arrived July 29 to force tax with farmers and peasants. They wanted to charge dues.  They refused to agree to pay and then were forced to go with the bandits.

“They were armed, and then handcuffed and taken away,” says Leticia Raffles, who talks about the disappearance of her husband, Juan Hernandez Villa, his brother Felix Hernandez Villa and his father Pedro Hernandez Mendoza. Leticia is afraid.

“You can not expect anything good from them. They take women if they want as well as pure daughters “she said. She had no choice, and she packed some clothes for the six girls and a boy and, without more, climbed into a van to make the trip more than three hours to Tlacotepec, municipality of Heliodorus Castillo.

The three members of the Hernandez family were not the only ones who were kidnapped. The Administrative Office of Tlacotepec reported a total of six people, for Friday, Mayor Mario Chavez spoke of the disappearance of 14.

About 500 displaced people reached Huautla community, where people showed them to the church of San Francisco for use as a temporary home. They set up an outdoor dining hall and used the pews of the chapel for beds. For more than 60 children displaced-under 10 and even a newborn child, plenty of blankets on the floor served as a cradle.

“They help us, feed us beans or whatever they have. We can not begin to return the favor,” recounts Augustine, a man of 80 years who also was forced to flee.

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