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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 17, 2014

Blog del Narco: Godson of El Chapo Captured with Kilo of Cocaine

Blog del Narco: Godson of El Chapo Captured with Kilo of Cocaine

Photo: Godson of El Chapo Arrested

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Federal authorities and the Ministry of National Defense (Department of Defense) are insisting that they have arrested Damaso Lopez Jr., aka the “Mini Lic.”

He is the son of Damaso Lopez Nunez, known as “The Bachelor” and godson of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. It is reported that he was arrested in possession of a kilo of cocaine and several weapons. He posted on “Facebook”, yesterday where he was so it is thought perhaps this aided authorities.

“The Mini Lic” is no more than 28 years old, has been recognized as leading a criminal cell called “Special Forces Damaso” which was created by his father.  Lopez Jr., also leads a network of young people from the Sinaloa Cartel that have been participating in social networks under the name of “Group anthrax” or “The anthrax” organization led by Ismael Zambada, alias ‘Mayito Gordo’. They are known to recruit assassins who are serving the “Sinaloa Cartel.” In various Facebook and Twitter accounts,  weapons, drugs, travel and women are exhibited;  many users will share images,etc. The Godson of “El Chapo” has over two thousand facebook followers.
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