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Thursday July 24, 2014

Blog del Narco: Family of 5 Missing on route to Funeral in Tampico

Blog del Narco: Family of 5 Missing on route to Funeral in Tampico

Photo: Family Missing

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A native Monterrey family, is reported missing during their traveling from Monterrey city to Tampico, to attend a funeral.

Among the five, there are two children missing.  According to the authorities, Mr. José Andrés López Ramírez, 43; Esther his wife Hortensia Ramirez Calles 43, their children, Jessica and José Andrés López Ramírez 16 and 7 years respectively; and mother Hortensia, Gloria Ramirez Pulido 73, boarded the burgundy Ford Explorer with license plates SKW-1770 last Monday in the morning. Everyone was headed to the city of Tampico Tamaulipas to attend the wake and funeral of the mother of José Andrés. The incident was reported by Diana Bautista Ramirez who is in the city of Monterrey and Diana Herrera, which resides in Tampico, both family members of the missing persons.

According to his family, the last contact they had with them was around 18:00 pm on Monday, when they called and told them by phone that they were in a gas station in Ciudad Victoria refueling. Over a course of nearly four hours, one of his nieces tried to contact them by calling his cell phone, but the device was already off.

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