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Latino Daily News

Monday August 6, 2012

Blog del Narco: Executed in Escobedo, NL Five Young Men Killed

Blog del Narco: Executed in Escobedo, NL Five Young Men Killed

Photo: Blog del Narco- Killing in Edcobedo

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Five young men living in Escobedo were massacred by a group of masked men who surrounded them and shoot them at close range with heavy weapons. In the attack, another youth was injured with a non- life threatening wound and refused to receive medical attention.

So far, none of those executed, ages 17 to 22 years, has been identified. Three of the victims were known by the nicknames of “Micky”, “The Place” and “Meme”.

The quintuple execution was reported around 04:30 pm on Fidel Velazquez Street Extension, between Guadalupe Victoria and Serafin Pena, Colony Ricardo Flores Magon.

According to residents from the area, the criminals were traveling in three white vans and a Nissan.

At the crime scene, experts from the state attorney general’s office collected more than 100 caps 7.62 × 39 caliber used by the AK-47 rifles known as goat horns.

Upon learn that their sons had died in the shooting, relatives of those executed, were hysterical, so they blame the police for not having done anything to prevent the execution fivefold.

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