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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Blog del Narco:  Drug Cartels Move into Human Trafficking

Blog del Narco:  Drug Cartels Move into Human Trafficking

Photo: Human Trafficking Arrest

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According to the latest report, “The Regional Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America and the Caribbean”  (CATWLAC), trafficking in women and girls for sexual exploitation in Mexico is a $10 billion business.

According to the report there are four cartels that have entered human trafficking business: the Gulf cartel, Los Zetas, Nuevo Milenio and the Knights Templar, said Teresa Ulloa, director CATWLAC.

“Women and girls are treated as trophies, objects that are purchased and sold. Sweden has an interesting way to attack the problem and it has been quite successful. The police and sex workers wore a hidden camera. When the client came to them, they would take a photo and the client would be fined. Every week the photos of the customers were published in the local newspaper,” noted Ulloa

“This method ultimately helped to reduce by 50 percent the trafficking of women and girls. The Mexicans have the right to aspire to the Swedish model. By reducing demand, you reduce trafficking and child sexual exploitation. We compel the State to generate real options to address this growing problem,” urged Ulloa.

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