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Thursday August 14, 2014

Blog del Narco: Drug Cartel Leader Rules Community- Settles Legal Disputes

Blog del Narco: Drug Cartel Leader Rules Community- Settles Legal Disputes

Photo: La Tuta- Knights Templar

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The leader of the Knights Templar cartel, Servando Gomez, alias “La Tuta,” was captured in a video that showing his power and leadership.

La Tuta distributed the estate of a deceased businessman in the town of Zitácuaro, Michoacan state. In the video, the Mexican drug lord with his cap on and a white shirt, is featured presenting to members of the family what their share in the estate will be and explained to the cameras. Upon the death of businessman Luis Miguel Estefan, a family dispute arose over money. The family made up of three men and two women surrounded “La Tuta” on a terrace of a hotel while he begins to divide property.

“The problem here is that there was a legacy which needs to be divided in proportional shares,” says the criminal. “Morally you must recognize a son, to whom was his wife’s in the civil marriage , a little boy who is not present.” One child received a home in the region of foviste Zitácuaro and 500 thousand dollars in cash, as was determined by the leader of the Knights Templar. Servando Gómez goes on to lists assets of each member, then the family members shake thier head and say they agree. In the video it shows the influence and power of the leader of the Knights Templar. “Stephanie is running a restaurant with a value of $ 1.5 million and a house in Lerdo, worth a million,” says the boss. But at the end of the distribution “La Tuta” reminds them about a donation of $ 450,000 to ‘Us’, referring to The Knights Templar cartel. Each member agrees to donate a proportion of their inheritance to the criminal organization led by the offender. After the meeting, the boss looks at the camera and asks the family if they agree with the distribution, to which the family responds. Everyone involved are closely following the drug cartel leader for signs . He is always in control of the the assembly and holding a paper with notes on the percentages of inheritance.

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