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Friday January 31, 2014

Blog Del Narco: Cartel Kingpin Says They are Necessary Evil

Blog Del Narco: Cartel Kingpin Says They are Necessary Evil

Photo: Servando Gómez, La Tuta, Knights Templar

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Despite being one of the most wanted men by the state, and the fact that there are five arrest warrants out against him, a reward of 30 million, Peso’s- Servando Gómez, La Tuta, appears on TV but can not be found. The government has been unable to locate but journalists in the last six weeks have broadcasts two interviews to international sources. Though none of the reports mentioned where they met to interview the leader of the Knights Templar, the images onscreen from Mundo Fox and the British Channel 4 News, show Servando Gómez walking slowly through the streets of any community and greeting residents. Many those who know him and approach him, so it should be an area where the cartel is one of their bases of operations.

Both interviews were conducted when the federal forces were already deployed in the area addressing with the escalation of violence. Even the latest, which was released last Tuesday by the British channel was made when and Federal Police and the army had taken control of several towns in the lowlands area overlooking the Cartel Camp. Servando Gomez likes the camera and has become a media personality. He consistently uses videos on YouTube to broadcast the Cartels statements and warnings. The most recent interview came in December, with the U.S. television network Fox World, it was released in several parts. La Tutu recognizes that he is a criminal but insists that the Knights Templar Cartel is “a necessary evil.”  “I have been altruistic since childhood. My mother told me I would have given away everything I had. “We have explained to them and told them that we are a necessary evil and fortunately we are here, because there would be another group if not us. ” 

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