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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 2, 2014

Blog del Narco: Brother of Former Governor Attacked by Gunmen

Blog del Narco: Brother of Former Governor Attacked by Gunmen

Photo: Rafael_Cavazos

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Rafael Cavazos, brother of former governor of Colima Silverio Cavazos was shot by a gunman while traveling with four people in a vehicle on Jiquilpan road.
In a statement, Vuelvas Felix Humberto Aguilar, coordinator of state Public Safety, said that the occupants of the auto were attacked last Sunday. They were identified as Armando Federico brothers, Ramon and Alejandro Quiroz Larios and Benjamin Lopez and Rafael Curiel Cavazos, brother of the former governor. The shooting occurred on the Colima-Jiquilpan road two miles before the junction with the road leading to the community of Las Guásimas.

He stated that from the outset the State Attorney General, with the support of the security institutions of the three levels of government, works to secure the arrest of those responsible. He has called on citizens to submit complaints anonymously to Free 01 800 5811 770, and Tecoman at 01 800 5816 614 lines as well as mobile (312) 31 3 99 31 and (312) 31 2 30 87. Officials confirmed that Cavazos and at least two of his companions have criminal records. Indeed, Rafael was arrested by the PGR in 2003, because one of their houses served as a location for a clandestine laboratory manufacturing synthetic drugs. 

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