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Latino Daily News

Monday January 6, 2014

Blog Del Narco- “Boys and Their Toys” Narco Camp in Sinaloa Mountains

Photo: Narco Camp

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Below are several photos of “The Mochomera” released last month. The narco camp, is situated in the mountains, apparently in Sinaloa.  “The Mochomo” primarily displayed and says it appears that Tito Beltran son of Beltran Leyva.

The origins and group loyalties remain unclear, but the escalating violence in the State indicates that a new challenge to the current Mazatlecos-Ahome Cartel is underway.

Since the separation, Los Zetas have maintained a working relationship with many of the remaining groups, especially Mazatlecos, whose operations is in Sinaloa. Los Zetas make occasional forays into those controlled by the Sinaloa Federation territories and gain access to the Sierra Madre Occidental,a site for the production of illicit drugs in the region.

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