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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 4, 2014

Blog del Narco: Body of Kidnapped Journalist Found in Mexico

Blog del Narco: Body of Kidnapped Journalist Found in Mexico

Photo: Jorge Torres Palacios

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The body of a kidnapped journalist who held a post with the Acapulco city government was found in a clandestine grave in a town outside the Mexican Pacific resort, officials said.

Jorge Torres Palacios, who served as the spokesman for the Acapulco health department, was kidnapped by gunmen last week, the Guerrero Attorney General’s Office said.

Torres Palacios’s partially buried body was found by police Monday in a clandestine grave behind the cemetery in Plan de los Amates, a town outside Acapulco, the AG’s office said.

Torres Palacios was kidnapped by gunmen when he arrived home last Thursday and his fate was unclear.

Investigators are trying to determine who killed Torres Palacios, who worked for various media outlets for more than 20 years before taking the job with the health department, the AG’s office said.

The state press association called on officials to clear up the killing, while Guerrero Gov. Angel Aguirre condemned the murder and vowed there would be justice in the case.

“This incident, which has Guerrero’s journalists in mourning, will not go unpunished,” the governor said in a statement.


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