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Latino Daily News

Saturday June 8, 2013

BLOG DEL NARCO: Baby Faced Brute Arrested as Ringleader of Vicious Kidnapping Ring (VIDEO)

BLOG DEL NARCO: Baby Faced Brute Arrested as Ringleader of Vicious Kidnapping Ring  (VIDEO)

Photo: El Guero: Jose Omar Esquivel Romero

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Mexican officials in Aguascalientes, Mexico have confirmed the capture and arrest of Jose Omar Esquivel Romero – also known as “El Canario” or “El Guero”.

“El Guero”, 23, is thought to be the leader of a vicious kidnapping ring operating out of Mexico City. 

The Camacho gang has been tied to several murders and over 10 kidnappings where the victims were tortured.  It is believed Romero’s last kidnapping victim was an 8-year-old boy whose fingers were cut off so ransom could be paid faster.  Authorities continue to search for other victims thought to be buried somewhere in Mexico City.

Details on the arrest of “El Guero” are slim since authorities fear The Camacho gang will try to rescue him.  This past March, Romero was arrested with six gang members but eluded arrested when he held off local authorities with a machine gun.

This time Romero did not put up a fight with authorities and was found with no weapons on him. The baby-faced brute hails from the town of Santo Tomas Ajusco outside of Mexico City and has a feared reputation for his brutality and intimidation.  It is thought he was hiding out in Aguascalientes but that he had not committed any crimes there. 

Authorities are investigating if “El Guero” had any narco affiliations or if he was operating solo and for mere profit versus to gain drug distribution routes through kidnapping.

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