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Thursday October 17, 2013

Blog del Narco: Authorities Destroy 301.5 Tons of Marijuana in Chihuahua

Blog del Narco: Authorities Destroy 301.5 Tons of Marijuana in Chihuahua

Photo: Tons of Pot Destroyed

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In the fight against narcotics planting and harvesting in Chihuahua State Police One, Army and the Attorney General of the Republic, destroyed more than 301 tons of marijuana. most recently harvested.

The Attorney General of the State emphasized that this was a result of the research work, tactical and strategic planning conducted state intelligence elements that flew over the town of Namiquipa, Chihuahua.

“The operation was carried out after intelligence agents of the State Police One flew over the area and managed to locate map coordinates two marijuana plants on a ranch nestled called Carrucheras”.

“The elements of the Preventive-PEU-Division, in a joint operation with the authorities of the three levels of government, destroyed 301.5 tons of marijuana plants that were found on two plantations in that zone,” the FGE.

In a statement, the prosecutor described as “courageous” action by state agents, federal and military who participated in this operation.

The operation continued Wednesday morning, despite the rising river and the heavy rain,they located drying marijuana plants with the following dimensions:

Both plantations consisted of ‘almost’ 10 thousand square meters, with a density of 10 plants per square meter and an average height of two meters .

“The sum of all the drugs was an estimated 200,000 plants, which were destroyed and burnt, weight to 301.5 tonnes, according to MPF agent who participated in the operation and testified to the facts “said the EGF.
In this context, the prosecution announced that in the last two weeks, hardened combat against the planting and harvesting of marijuana in the state, they have been able to destroy about 437 tons of marijuana in Bocoyna, El Sauz and Namiquipa “.

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