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Latino Daily News

Monday February 24, 2014

Billionaire George Soros Pledging Millions to Support Immigration Reform

Billionaire investor George Soros has taken another step forward in his donations to groups engaged in political lobbying, especially to those promoting immigration reform, the Washington Post said,

The Open Society Policy Center, the advocacy wing of Soros’ Open Society Foundations, tripled the amount it spent on lobbying from $3.25 million in 2012 to $11 million last year.

U.S. tax laws bar private foundations from lobbying, but the advocacy affiliate operates under no such restriction.

The principal recipient of Open Society Policy Center donations in 2013 was the Alliance for Citizenship, which last year organized hundreds of events, marches and rallies across the country urging Congress to approve comprehensive immigration reform in the United States.

Despite a bipartisan bill on comprehensive reform being passed by the Senate, the measure remains bogged down in the House of Representatives, where the Republican majority prefers to deal with the legislation one provision at a time.

Soros, 83, last year confirmed his commitment to becoming co-chair of the national finance council of the Ready for Hillary SuperPAC in support of the possible presidential candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 election.

The Hungarian-born financier, who for some time has been supporting liberal political causes, in 2012 also made a specific donation to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

Since 1997, the different foundations grouped under the Open Society have laid out more than $100 million toward the struggle for immigrants’ rights in the U.S.


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